Funds Management Service

Account / Funds Management Service

P lease email us with details for the Account / Funds Management service for Forex ( Minimum account size – USD $1,000,000 ).


What we try to achieve?

  • First and foremost, capital preservation. No profit is acceptable but loss of capital is NOT acceptable.
  • Annual return of about 15 – 30 %


Service is suitable for

  • High net-worth individuals looking for passive income
  • Forex brokerage and other funds looking for their clients fund management
  • Hedge funds looking for strategic partnership or partial fund allocation for Forex trading
  • Pension or other conservative funds looking for mid to high single digit return with extreme capital preservation


While we are successful in achieving 20% or more yearly return consistently, PAST PERFORMANCE IS NOT A GUARANTEE FOR FUTURE RETURNS. Depending upon the brokerage account you hold, you may be liable for the losses, even more than the capital in your account.