Explained – How To Lose Money In Stock Trading?!

Explained – How To Lose Money In Stock Trading?!

Following simple personality streaks will easily help you lighten your pockets or bank balance or e-wallets ( for tech savvy 😉 ) trading stocks, Forex, commodities etc etc.

1.)  If you are a good person, open hearted, who doesn’t know how the worldly affairs are being dictated by rich, powerful and smart people then probability is higher that you are taking most of the information at face value.  So here not being cynical will help you go broke 🙂

2.) Being egoistic? Well my friend, you are just about to be humbled very soon !

3.) People who are smart, logical and very educated in conventional way. By educated in conventional way I mean, brandishing a coveted degree from some coveted institution or simply a very successful professional having very sharp logical brain. Sorry to give the bad news but unfortunately market is not logical 🙁 . Ohh you didn’t like that even if being smarter than 99% of population you are still destined to lose money in market ! Sorry again but what can we do ! It is what it is.  Of course you are free to try your sharp logic ( which has helped you gain fame and money in your profession ) to predict the market moves and experience the burns yourself !

Then you might be asking, how the F*** you are making money trading? Well, simply put, I’m just feeling lucky ! 😉