AUROPHARMA – Gravity Is Catching Up – 12/16/2016

AUROPHARMA – Gravity Is Catching Up – 12/16/2016

Auropharma – Aurobindo Pharma had an impressive run from 100 to 900 in two years.   We believe that Pharma sector will always do good in India and have mentioned the reasons for that numerous times in the blog here.  Big pharmaceutical companies around the world will keep on outsourcing manufacturing to Indian pharma companies because of cheap labor, lax regulation regarding pollution and to diversify the supply chain.  Besides, Indian companies have huge market in Africa where drug quality standards are not that stringent.

Simple play-book to trade pharma stocks in India is to,

  1. ) Never chase ridiculous high levels, even if the company is making tones of money and everything is looking rosy.

2.) Always stick to point number 1, because next FAD warning or something like that is just lurking somewhere around the corner to shot that bird down.

3.)  When the victim company is in ICU, start grabbing it from attractive support levels !

Interesting support levels to buy AUROPHARMA

Ok here they are – 600, 500 and 350.  600 is the first one but it becomes really attractive trade near 500.  So we will be looking to trade it from buy-side in such a way that our cost basis is as close to 500 as possible.  Not possible to walk you through the entire trade procedure but you got the gist of it 🙂

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