Another Record Year – 2 Years, 400+ Trades, ALL Winners – 1/2/2019


Another Record Year – 2 Years, 400+ Trades, ALL Winners – 1/2/2019

It’s been another great year for Forex Trading.  For two consecutive years and after almost 400 something trades, account stands at 25% + gain and more interestingly, with NOT A SINGLE TRADE LOSS !

While many Forex shops closing with poor return, Star traders biting the dust and especially when the market environment in general is not that easy or conducive , this achievement makes me feel great.  Especially the run with not a single trade lose for last two years is even beyond my own expectations.  The positive message I take from such performance is that if with strict discipline and skills, performance like this can be achieved in such difficult environment then I guess, better time lies ahead.  Besides it proves that one can always achieve what one really wants with skills and perseverance.

Starting a new year with clean slate now and as you know that each trade is new trade, past glory or failure has nothing to do with the trade we are going to enter next. Wishing happy new year to all and hopefully we will have ‘good’ volatile markets ahead to reap more pips.

There is new experiment underway with some managed accounts.  Let’s see what kind of result we get and hopefully (being lazy, I can’t promise 😉 ) I may make YouTube video in future, highlighting the trades with account statements and stuff to inspire other traders.

One more thing is that going forward I am planning to use twitter more than posting the blogs ( that proves laziness again 😉 LOL )